How to Start

First is an introductory meeting. We will have a meeting to understand your house size, style and
requirements. Most importantly, we will discuss your budget. If things are agreeable, the customer will need
to make a
deposit of $5k to have JXA Homes continue to the next step (it will be fully credited toward the
total contract amount).
Second is the preliminary design. With your requirements, JXA Homes begins with a preliminary design.

The design includes three sketch drawings: front elevation, first floor plan, and second floor plan. This stage
also includes research in the county regarding your lots, such as issues of RPA (resource protection area), soil
map, if any, and zoning requirements.
Third is working on the construction drawing and county permit. At this point we will sign a contract and
make slight changes to the preliminary design as needed.
Fourth is the construction process. You are welcome to stay involved or stay out of the process. We will
do the best we can do in terms of weather conditions, material delivery, trades scheduling, and county
inspection. It is our job to make sure all of the work is done right.

During construction, we typically have six construction draws:

first draw: building permit received
second draw: foundation completed
third draw: roof on
fourth draw: ready for drywall
fifth draw: ready for cabinets
final draw: final inspection passed

Lastly, the house is perfectly done and you are ready to move in.