Gilson II owner writes to his friend and says:
The builder I worked with is John Xiang, architect & president of JXA Homes.
I would recommend him. He takes pride on his project - very concerned on quality than timing. As the project moves
forward , he keeps in touch and request for your input. He also makes you known what will look good. Definitely the
home build is tailored and not cookie cut.

Bob-O-Link owner wrote following letter:
I am writing this letter to appreciate your excellent job of building my energy efficient home. Last month
was the hottest month I ever had in DC areas for the past 15 years. And the electricity bill is the cheapest
one I have ever received. $146.26, can you believe it? For a 8,000 sqf houses which has 4 Heat pump unit,
this is unbelievable. You must have done everything right to make the house energy efficient. From the
setting of the house, window design, roof design, insulation, A/C planning to the build quality, everything
must be perfect to achieve this result.
I am happy not only because I do not have to throw out $$$ out of the windows day by day (I had
experience of paying more than $500 a month cooling bill when I was living in the new home built by
Gulic), it is also because that I feel I contribute the earth by saving the energy.
Thank you

Bethesda owner email and says:
"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..." And pedestrians and
cars alike, are coming up our service road, stopping and admiring YOUR
Monumental House that you and Rembrandt built as our Home. As I sit in my
front office, I see this almost every day but today, with cameras!
I just thought that it was about time that I thanked you & your Team
for our beautiful home.
It's a good "Thank you" day!